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Customers and franchisers

I have received a very poor full body paint from Maaco store # M2416. Have had my 97 Merc Cougar back 4 times and more than 50% of the issues are unresolved. I have honest to GOD issues with the car. Not trying to be tricky or get over. Thought maybe a call to Maaco corp could help get me and the shop back on track. Long story short, the Maaco corp can't, won't and is unable for whatever bogus reason to help and or fix a warranty job for a customer. So now I begin researching all angles of Maaco. It's a terrible thing I am reading here. Maaco Corp. doesn't care to get into the fix and support their own blood line. Get some cash and then kick the franchise to the curb. So, I am out $2500. But a lot of the franchises are out hundreds of thousands. How can this be allowed to continue. Franchises need happy customers and franchises need to be supported with a real back bone. Unfortunately, especially for the pride filled hard working shop I won't be using Maaco. Not to mention the years of negative talk. What an unproductive cycle. Wish I could help to improve the situation.


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