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Not to buy into Driven Brands.

As a victim of Maaco / Driven Brands I am happy to tell my story, play devils advocate, talk you out of anything to do with this Horrible Company. Please provide contact information.

If we do not get in touch you have to ask the question: Why is someone who spent a year or so opening a business and now only two years after making a 15 year commitment wanting out?

"Been in operation for nearly two years" is not a positive. Most small business fail within 5 years. Open for less than 5 and the business is still a start-up.

These folks at Maaco are professionals at CYA, well versed and heavily armed with Lawyers. Anything they say will be positive yet vague. Weigh everything with very heavy skepticism.

Your next best line of defense, rather than me talking you out of it, find a small local bank with a commercial lending department and loan officer who is a longtime local resident. They will be invested enough in the community and knowledgeable enough to talk you out it.


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