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This totally makes sense

This follows the old as time adage "adapt or die". The delamination that was more common back in those decades you mentioned is not prevalent today. Things change, processes get better, therefor a niche that needed to be filled before, now no longer needs to be filled. What did MAACO do to change with the changing times? I've owned several businesses in my life (current owner of Madison Moving Pros ) and every single time I've been bull headed and not changed, my business has suffered. I was also in the painting business (mostly residential and commercial) and I considered moving into the auto body industry but decided against it after looking at how the auto manufacturing industry was evolving. Paints and clearcoats were getting better, things were becoming more plastic, etc... Ultimately I decided the risk wasn't worth the reward.

Also, I've never understood why someone would want to get into a franchise. Yes they may have some appeal in certain aspects, but what happened to just starting your own business from the ground up? You don't need to rely on anybody but yourself and you own grit and determination. Just my 2 cents I guess.


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