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Thieves with MBA's

Advertising? Questionable - generally if they aren't making their bottom line fees go in their pocket vs. paying what you as a franchisee are paying them for. Royalties? you can't afford their franchise fees. You pay thousands each week - twice a year you'll get someone, who never ran either a maaco. or a legitimate shop show up for a couple hours. This franchise is crap. Who cares when you're losing your life savings? Certainly not the unethical MBA's running the show. They deserve their bonuses while you go broke. Not me fault? Some guy in Colorado who paid 1k 30 years ago made it work. Why can't you? Thank you for spending you retirement savings with us. See you in court - in another state where you have no chance because of course: you're broke because you bought a crap franchise, and Maaco has an unlimited amount of money more focused on screwing you over than investing in making your franchise work. Why should maaco care? They already ripped you off. If they can move on and sell another franchise - while you lose your life savings - so what - they made their bonus.


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