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Good Luck ever getting paid by Fudgie Wudgie

I did a show in December 2010. I made it clear that I would only do a 10 day show, not any short shows as we had other offers for short work. Chris Dirobbio (FW Sales manager) hired me. I had a team in place and off we go..... the product shows up just a few hours before starting(was told it would be there at least 1 day before). Inventory sheets were a total inaccurate mess. We start on Thurs with nothing but problems but sold quite a bit of product. On Sunday @ 2 PM I get a call from Dirobbio that OOPS it was actually a short show and we had to pack it all up and leave by 6pm. Also they changed locations (Costco & Sams )of where the show would be done 4 times the week before. Dirobbio lied over and over about location issues (all in writing) , he even stated the reason why the show was moved was they had an agreement they couldnt do a Costco show within 20 miles of a Sams..LIE ...come to find out they had a show booked at the other Sams the same weekend. BUT on the Frid of the show I get a phone call from yet another Fudgie Wudgie sales manager asking if I was interested in doing the EXACT SHOW I was working and could I get there right away....??/. When I told him where I was and was actually working that show, he had no idea what to say...DiRobbio stated they had so many shows that their systems were behind on scheduling...THE GUY CALLED ME THE DAY OF THE SHOW TO ASK ME TO WORK THE SHOW i WAS WORKING...what a bunch of mis managed , unorganized idiots

Then comes payday....and payday plus 10, + 20 + 30 ..... I call Dirobbio, he stated (in writing) that he was a sales manager and not responsible for payroll (sounds like he is more likely Irresponsible ).and not to bother him with such issues.....I called Chris Warman , the woman responsible for cutting checks and their controller for 45 days..NOT A SINGLE RETURN CALL. BUT I did get a nice threat from Dirobbio stating he took my written assessment of him seriously...that was it ..just a written threat from a moronic child

By Mid Jan 2011 , so many people started posting thru merchant circle and other places about these problems from folks all over the country NOT being paid. Amazingly that's when FW started coming to life, they were able to remove several written posts and even had fake people start blaming it on Contractors not paying their employees...well DUH...FW doesn't pay their contractors, the contractors find it hard to pay their people who help...FW had fake people stating they knew for a fact these issues weren't true, but the posts kept coming more and more everyday

I filed a formal complaint with the PA attorney Generals office and my states Attorney generals office. Also contacted (with others) the local newspaper in Pittsburgh and TV stations. First let me tell you that if you were hired by FW they are who you have to go after, if it was a contractor working for FW then its the contractor you have to go after, then they go after FW...BUT Federal Law states that if an employer deliberately refuses to pay you (contact your local US dept of Labor office for details) you can receive DOUBLE as a penalty and of course you should also receive court costs and legal fees if you take them to court

.so IF 1 person complains to the state atty general (also file in the state you worked), they simply look at it as a nuisance..BUT if enough people will start filing complaints, it could be considered fraud....and lets remember folks FW uses the Internet to hire people over state lines. Contact every news org you can and your and PA state atty generals office and keep on it. Document EVERYTHING. It worked for me, ....all of a sudden I get a call from Warman with a new set of LIES and I am told payment would go out the next day (it went out 4 days later). I get rude responses from their HR woman saying we paid you....well sure only 2+ months LATE(and am still short some). BUT they have no problem playing games and telling lies to cover other lies. STAY ON THEM....if enough of us complain the government will have no choice but to do something. I know 1 woman that contacted her US Senator and his office contacted the dept of labor and got her whatever you have to do (Legally) because that is the only way you will ever get paid.

good luck...had I seen these warnings before hand I would NEVER have worked for them. Months of lies and aggravation is just NOT worth it

OH and I have heard the Investment story many , many months ago, when complaints started surfacing over people not being paid from the summer of 2010...those lies only work for so long. Their sales reps fly all over the country setting up shows, sounds like its beyond time to get organized. I also heard they now have to go thru a promotional company to sell at Costco as Costco got tired of the problems also


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