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"To operate under the flag, pay the fee"

Hmmm, if that was taking place in some nation in South America, one would  say that is a pay off...... Membership fees - fair enough, but it ultimately comes down to how it is used in the marketplace. 

Really, when you listen to the discussions some franchisors hold with their potential franchisees, one could think they had to go through some incredibly difficult and painful process of study and examination, while their company (upon incredible audits and evaluations) gets accepted to fly the flag.  None of that is the case.

In many ways it is an ethical question.  Most know that the unaware franchise candidates have in most cases not the skill, experience, resources or knowledge to do the evaluation themselves.  They do in most instances trust the IFA and the franchisor flying the IFA flag, at the time they put their life savings on the line. 




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