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Not worth it

The business is only as good as the quality locations they get you. You can go out and get locations yourself and save money. I know people personally who have 20-40 locations that they found on their own and don't have to pay bull shit fees to a Franchisor. They will claim that they have all these corporate deals, but the fact of the matter is, the hotels that are part of the deal DON"T have to use you. Yup, they can stay with their current provider, so basically, these big claims are just smoke and mirrors.

They keep the back end "interchnage" fee, which if you look around for other ATM network providers, they will share the "interchange" with you. They rip you off on the price they charge you for the ATM's they add on over $1200 to the cost price. You can call a company that will provide you with processing and they will sell you the ATM much cheaper. ACFN adds on a .05 cent charge per transaction as a "communication" fee. This is bullshit as the ATM dials out to a toll free number, so there isn't any cost incurred to justify this. They charge you $100 as a "what is this for?" fee per month. They charge you $12 per ATM as an accounting fee. Mind you, the software you use, you can print off the statements yourself and mail them in to the location yourself, you don't need them for this. Thye now charge you a marketing fee!!??!! Ask them when will they have a commercial on TV, or a billboard for the franchisees to benefit from, for the money you will be contributing to this fund. The answer is, you won't see any money spent from thsi fund to promote your business, They will bullshit you as to why they need to collect this additional fee from you, as if they weren't already collecting enough for what they do.

Overall, it is not worth it, The VP Avi is total scumbag and comes across like a used car salesman. Just look at him and you will see he tries to coem across like he has class, but don;t be fooled. He is just interested to get you on and take your money and make it seem like you will get lots of locations through their telemarketing dept. The leads from the telemarketing dept sucks. They want you to take any location they recommend so they can make the $1200 on the ATM sale and start collecting fees from you for that location, even if you don't make crap. If you want real info about the opportunity, get their FDD and call As many franchisees as you can and make sure to call the franchisees that left the system and ask them why their business failed? Don't just call the franchisees they suggest, we all know they are telling you to call people that will only talk good about them. Bottom line, you don't need them, you can do this yourself and save A LOT of money!


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