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Yep, there was a price increase and this is where it stays.

The price was $297 when I launched the course....but now that I'm getting solid reviews and testimonials and real people, just like you, are proving that my training system really works, well the price is where it belongs and truthfully, $1,000 is too cheap!

I'm launching an even more accelerated course for folks for $7,500 very shortly.

When you figure out your's a no brainer when you actually put your work and due diligence in.

But if folks would still like to start out investing $51k (which gets you 2 ATMs and a $25k franchise fee, plus some other things) well by all means they are entitled to. It's their money, right?

If you don't see the value in a $1,000 training system (no matter how much it was 1 year or 2 years ago) then I think it's safe to agree that it's not for you. No problems there, right?

Hope this helps with your understanding.



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