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BS to the guy selling his own program

You do not know anything about this company. I have been a franchisee for over 5 years and am glad I did it. You are on here trying to sell your own crappy program which is most likely nothing that can't be found out on your own. For the franchisee fee you also get the ATM, extensive training at their San Jose location, a marketing department that not only finds locations but also follows up and negotiates the contracts, a tech support group that answers the phone 24 hours a day seven days a week and provides assistance with any ATM problems you may have. If there is a problem that a customer has or a disputed transaction they handle them. There is also an accou8nting department that pays the locations their share of the revenues and send the franchisee a monthly statement and check.
Sure you can go it alone if you want to do all the legwork that they do but it will eat up the franchise fee in no time and the ongoing support you get is priceless. They make their money on backend fees and do not take any of the ATM fees that you and the location will share. I personally have 15 machines in the midwest, most in Missouri and can recommend ACFN as a satisfied franchisee. Also, the amount of money you make is totally dependent on the effort you pout into it as far as hustling locations. I am retired from another job I had for 34 years and my returns are right where I need them to be for my needs.
If you are interested in this business please check it out yourself by calling this company or any other company or person that is in the business but don't rely on the opinion of somebody that is trying to make money off of you.


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