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Former franchisee

Many reasons I wish I never did business with them. #1 they make you buy the ATM's through them at a $1000 mark up per machine. #2 they charge you a "communication fee" per surcharge transaction that is really free and doesn't incur any cost. #3 should you get your own locations on your own, they own that account even when you stop doing business with them. #4 there is a backend interchange fee that is made off each transaction, they have you waive any rights to this fee and they keep it. #5 VP executive Avi Blankroth comes across like a used car salesman and doesn't seem genuine. #6 they charge you a "per ATN accounting fee" to mail all your accounts a monthly statement and check. Something you can do on your won. #7 they say they will get you "qualified" accounts, but be careful that it is a location with high foot traffic, as that is the best way to guarantee that your SATM will make any money. They are happy to get you a subpar foot traffic location because they will make money off the account even if you don't.

If you really want to go into the ATM business, get the machines yourself, save money, earn your own interchange fee, save all the BS fees they charge you, and hit the road and get your own accounts. I got many of my own accounts myself when I was a franchisee.


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