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ACFN ATM Franchise

We're going on our third year with ACFN. Many of the negative comments appear to be from amateur businessmen/women who may not have the best method of researching the opportunity at the get-go. ALL franchisee are subject to the dictates of the franchisor. ACFN is like any other business: they need to make money/profit. The answer's from past franchisee's should focus on the dollars and cents of the experience rather than bitch at how much the franchisor is making, however valid or greedy that may appear. The reason one goes the franchisee route is to take the gamble out going it alone, having the bugs worked-out beforehand. If you feel the fees or personnel are overrated or shouldn't be part of the business, back away. Personally, we feel we got what was advertised. Tho we are disappointed our revenue stream is not larger (merely a numbers game: big locations = bigger revenues - in a very competitive field), it's a tidy income, in particular for the hours/$ invested, and our long term goals will be met. ACFN works hard to be partners with their franchisee's. There's always going to be a number for whom the opportunity didn't work.


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