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The ATM Business is Still Thriving!

I'm so happy to see that folks are still interested in the ATM business.

I've been in the ATM business since 2009 myself, I have permanent placement ATMs and mobile ATMs. I've also been training folks how to start their own profitable, successful ATM businesses since 2011.

I posted above a few times. And yes my training price has increased but it's because I listen to my potential customers about what they want in a training program and give it to them!

And I do now have a training that includes your first ATM (of course, that's at a higher cost.)

But the cool thing is that I know the in's and out's of this business and have been teaching people the in's and out's of the biz since 2011 and NOTHING that I can teach you, even my highest training package now that INCLUDES an ATM costs as much as just the ACFN franchise fee alone. 25K! That doesn't include all of their extra fees that they charge you on top of that.

However, if you'd always wanted to become a franchisee, you have money and aren't concerned about how soon you'll recoup your investment, then by all means become an ACFN franchisee. I know at least they will train you in this business and that's all I want for folks because there can be a lot of "screwing" that goes on in this business. So in my opinion, even tho ACFN may charge a great deal of money, at least you'll get trained.

And as far as my reputation goes, please feel free to google me. I've trained people for over 6 years now and I have never had anyone say anything negative about my training! (Of course the longer I do this, the more I'm sure that will change. As you can't please everyone.)

Good luck everyone and may you live happily off of passive income!

Carey Buck


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