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How Ronald McDonald Was Created

Barry Klein, creator of the Ronald McDonald character, tells how it happened and gives his take on how advertising and parenting have changed since then. Klein was a five-year McDonald's franchisee in New York, national advertising manager for McDonald's, and executive VP at Wells Rich Greene ad agency generating campaigns for Jack in the Box, Midas, Continental Airlines and more. He is presently a marketing consultant. In an interview with Nation's Restaurant News, Klein recounts the beginnings of the Ronald McDonald character.

I had also become friendly with a guy named Willard Scott who was the local NBC station weather man and also played Bozo the Clown on a live, one-hour show five days a week. My agency had several clients on the Bozo show for whom I wrote the commercials that Willard delivered live, and we decided to try one for McDonald’s. It was the first time any McDonald’s advertising was directed to children.

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