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F1 Hoverpod Racing

December is here again and for most people round the world this spells a busy period of the long build up to Christmas. For the Team at F1 Hoverpod Racing it spells a period of madness, dressing up in fancy dress and playing with a Hoverpod on ice and snow.

Many people are aware of the ability of the Hoverpod to travel on land and water but quite often the thought that it can travel across snow and ice is for most parts overlooked. This not only allows for some extra axcitiment but also prepares the ground for a super safety & rescue craft with the ability to travel at high speed across most surfaces withought hinderence. Check out where you will find a link to "view our movies" that shows an indepth look at the properties of the Hoverpod. If you are a keen Motor Sport enthusiast, you may find a sneek look at is something you may find quite exciting.

The Team @ F1 Hoverpod Racing has expressed that I mention a huge thank you from them for all the support and encouragement throughout the year, the comments on the blogs and through the forum have been nothing short of inspiring and on many occasions very funny, for now the team are all dressed in fancy dress to embrace the Christmas spirit. We have a Rudholf, an Elf, a Santa and as always a Fairy (Colin a strange Man). All it leaves me left to do is Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas from All at F1 Hoverpod Racing.

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