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I am familiar with Cappriotti's. Long before franchising was ever a consideration for me, I frequented Cappriotti's. Phenomenal product, that attracted a loyal following - that was almost 23 years ago while attending the University of Delaware!

23 years later, I am a multi-unit owner of a national franchise. I have looked into some of the my college favorite concepts, but can not seem to justify the 7% royalty... I would agree with Granville Bean that Cappriotti's does not have national "brand" recognition. That may not matter, but why are you paying 7%, and $40,000 for a franchise fee - they make subs.... f I was on a road trip and saw one, I would stop! If you are in the Delmarva area, then maybe it is worth it; they make great turkey subs... If you are in So Cal, maybe do your homework and do it yourself... What ever you decide dig into the brand..... Call every current franchisee you can that matches your prospective market, and call ALL franchisee's that have left that system in the last 3-5 years....


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