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Franchisor Seems to Have Given Up

Dear Franny,
Our franchise is over 10 years old. We have under 100 franchisees in the system, however just a few years ago, we had over 200. The founder blames the lack of growth on some franchisees who, historically, badmouth the franchise for lack of execution, common system/products, marketing and growth.

I'm specifically, I'm concerned about growth. The founder is in his 70's and at the tail end of his business career and enjoys exploring other ventures. Since 2010, the franchise has closed more stores than opened and we continue to lose more stores every year. Other than "throwing our name in the hat" with business brokers, there is no plan for growth or resources committed to growing the brand. Our investment as franchisees depreciates every year with each store closing.

Many franchisees left the system and have gone off on their own as there is nothing proprietary or unique about this business.

There's an old saying in business, "once you stop growing, you're dead". Any recommendations for us or other franchises in similar situations?

No Growth, No Glory


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