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Free FDDs? Helip!

Hi Don

How's things over your way?

Uri Benoliel (Israel) and i are going to do some research on how franchisees rate the chance of their franchisor failing, and if so, how they think it will impact on them. We want to survey franchisees via their emails and therin lies outrcurrent challenge.  

Are you able to give me any help with sourcing free FDDs? I can access the Minnesota ones easily enough but can't get a reliable link to Wisconsin. The Californian ones don't seem to list current franchisees' email addresses, just their phone numbers - not much use for research f they are on a 'do not call' registry.

I've looked at the links you posted on BMM in 2007 but they don't seem to work for me now. Thanks for any help you can provide. The research should be very revealing.

On another matter, I've just (with 2 friends) signed a book contract to write about all the law that affects franchising in Australia - quite a big project. Our completion date is Sept next year.

Best wishes



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