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F1 Hoverpod Ltd

Well, the dust has finally settled from the Christmas party and the new year celebrations and whilst a little belated, I would still like to Wish You All A Very Happy New Year from all the team at F1 Hoverpod Ltd.

Now for the exciting news for the start of the new year !. You may have seen or read through the media and blogs that the new year would bring along some significant changes within the management structure of F1 Hoverpod Ltd that would build on the strengths and positive attitude already within the team and start to take the whole business to the next level.

Through the later part and the end of last year, a decission was made to strengthen the team and a search for someone with a proven history in Business Management was undertaken, the result after extensive research was to identify a person who's track record was to include a possition as CEO of one of Hong Kong's largest trading organisations and who also carried the title and history of both Business Law and Accounts and with over 20 years of Investment Banking behind them, The conclusion was that we had found the right person for the task in hand and the team were all excited when the appointment was concluded.

Over the next few months there is expected to be at least one more new appointed person to the board from the world of International Finance and Banking and whilst we are all extremely delighted with the result, it's fair to say we are also still very excited for the future prospects of a business with so much potential. Check out F1 Hoverpod Ltd and be prepared for the future of Motor Sport to change for good with F1 Hoverpod Racing.


Team Manager

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