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Cold Rock Truck of Love and Free Ice Cream

As a marketing investment this surely has to be one of the smartest moves by an Australian franchisor in a long time. It seems that the ongoing fervour for Gay Marriage Rights isn’t going away so why not climb aboard.

Although I'm unaware of what this will cost franchisees, the Cold Rock franchisor has jumped on board the ‘Ice Cream Truck of Love’ to tour Australia spreading the good word on gay marriage rights, currently before the Australian Senate, and of course, Cold Rock ice cream. And no doubt picking up free local media along the way and all for minimal investment; brilliant!

Your donation, no matter how big or enormous, will see that Australians get what they truly deserve: free ice cream and the ability to marry the person they love, no matter which flavour.

It seems that most Australian males are not overly interested in gay rights but would just like the uncomfortable topic to go away and if that means recognizing gay marriage; why not.

You see; it seems Australians are mostly heathens, with a smattering of cupboard heathens, and while living by the Word of ‘live and let live and a fair go or a smack in the mouth’, we mostly respect the many Gods of Partydom. Did someone mention free ice cream? We do like free and we do like ice cream.

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