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Regulation of Franchising

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Law professor Elizabeth Crawford Spencer argues that monitoring and regulation are needed to address franchising abuse. Spencer shows that having no regulation or having a hodgepodge of regulation results in costly market inefficiencies.She looks around the world for what is the optimal scenario.

It's a technical book for legislative and legal wonks. But nonetheless, it is a critical book for those involved in franchising or involved in the regulation of franchising. It is the first of its kind. This unique study surveys franchise-specific legislation worldwide as a starting point for a thorough examination of self and public regulation of contractual relationships.

Spencer observes that properly calibrated regulation can minimize inefficient allocations of power and risk and lead to maximum economic and social benefits by promoting the development of small business, enabling the growth of entrepreneurial skills, and facilitating economic well-being and independence among SMEs. This comparative survey is invaluable for lawmakers, franchise associations, franchisors, franchise experts and academics. The Regulation of Franchising in The New Global Economy will no doubt prove influential to all sides of the debate in the many jurisdictions that are engaging in the process of adopting, or reviewing, franchise regulation.

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