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Top States for Business 2012

CNBC has released its ranking of all 50 states for business. Top honors go to Texas for the third time, with Utah in second place and Virginia, in last year's top spot, falling to number three.

Hawaii, unsurprising to those of us who live here, is in 49th place.

On the other hand, we're at the top of the heap of all 50 states for the highest cost of living, Many of my friends have two or three jobs and crowd into their homes with extended family to be able to afford the high cost of housing. Or they go homeless for a while.

For quality of life, New Hampshire comes in first, Hawaii second and Texas is thirty-fifth. The living in Hawaii is great, getting together with friends on a beautiful beach for a barbecue is the best, and there's almost always something interesting going on.

Read how the different states stack up, according to CNBC, for business friendliness, cost of business, access to capital, workforce and more, lining them up for easy access in an interactive table.

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