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Lawsuit To Remove Hammons CEO Dowdy

One of the heroes in my book "Great American Hoteliers: Pioneers of the Hotel Industry" (AuthorHouse, 2009) is John Q. Hammons.

In 2006, I visited Springfield, Missouri where I interviewed Mr. Hammons (and his excellent executive team) and discovered that he had developed 185 hotel properties in 40 states. This master hotel developer, builder, owner and manager disdained standard feasibility studies when assessing potential sites for hotel development. Instead, he relied on his own experience, knowledge and intuition.

In 2010, Hammons was removed from the leadership of his company by Jacquie Dowdy, a long-time aide who assumed the CEO position.  Hammons' seclusion — long-time friends have reported being barred from visiting — led to an investigation by the state to establish guardianship. Now the Atrium Holding Co, owners of more than half the hotels managed by John Q. Hammons, has filed a lawsuit claiming that CEO Dowdy violated a contract in 2010 when she appointed herself as leader and Gregory Groves as general counsel.  The suit calls for an injunction preventing Dowdy from acting as CEO and removing Groves as general counsel. It also seeks an injunction to allow Atrium to appoint a president for JQH Hotels as well as damages related to Dowdy's salary and staff bonuses.

Let justice be done!

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