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Selling my store !!!!

I am now selling it as the drop offs continue to greatly increase every month and more and more customers switch to personal accounts.

Many UPS stores can barely make 20-30 grand from whom I talked too. Only the big ones are doing well and those can cost 500,000 to buy or more.

I expect over the next 10 yrs that many UPS stores will be closing down. With on-line and personal accounts you have ZERO future in this type of work.
Look at something else. I only hope to sell my store to another suck and move on. I am going to lose a good chunk of money but will still salvage most.
You have to be a total fool to buy this.

Get a load of this!!! To sell my store. UPS takes a good 15 percent of the closing price as a "Finders fee" Plus they have other high fees you have to pay. Utter joke.


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