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Anyone looking in to a UPS Store...

....should have their head(s) examined. I've used the UPS Store twice to ship packages (not drop-offs). The first time, the package was "lost" not in transit, but according to the tracking number, it never left the UPS Store. At another location, the package took almost 2 WEEKS to get to its destination. I got my money back both times thankfully. I've never used the UPS Store since.

The whole schtick about expanding the printing side of the business seems easier said than done, considering the UPS Stores I've been in seem to be about HALF the size of FedEx Office locations. Where are all those copiers and printers going to go when you just don't have the room?

I can't believe they are pushing this franchise on veterans. I guess someone REALLY hates the troops. But as I say "Don't ask, don't tell, don't join".


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