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Best advice is to sell your business and move on

I am trying to sell my store as move on but its not easy.
ITs been on the market for 10 months and only one interested person.
I hope to sell it, so I can at least get back 150,000 on my investment.
I had some good years but now its just all drops and please print my label and retape my package.
I get into one big argument a week about the tape and sometimes I just lose it.I always retake small to medium packages for free but never large ones. I find this fair but customers do not .

My total profits in printing per month is probably around 50 dollars and most stores are doing only around few hundred a month in printing.

Mailboxes used to bring in 50,000 a year but now the USPS offers emails and accepts from non-USPS and can charge about 1/4th the price. My good MB business is falling apart.

My copy business was lost to Fed Ex about several years ago. No way to win that war. I used to have decent copy business, too.

PAckaging- most people rather save a few bucks and pack it poorly at home than pay you.

Shipping- most people have all prepaid returns that are from big business or own personal accounts.

Really very hard to make it.
My only change is too sell it or CLOSE IT DOWN in about 2-3 years.


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