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It's not easy, but it has potential

the ups store is a unique franchise in the way it can somewhat control the income it makes. It requires more of a salesman than say a another franchises selling fast food or video games. You have a requirement to sell materials, labor, and service at all times to every customer or you will never turn any reasonable profit for the time invested. I was never part of the Ups store when it was MBE and more owner operated, but I hear the stories and can attest to constant profit seizure and compliance mandates. With that being said, if you want to be your own boss and work extra hard for your money it's a a solid potentially risky endeavor with decent reward. The real reward comes from a total understanding of what managing and motivating employees to run the business for you and being able to run 2 plus stores. If you can get a good sales force and drive traffic to your location through customer service you stand a good chance of success


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