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The Difficulty is Competing

The difficulty is competing with Staples. Staples offers much more than the UPS store. It has a large parking lot, the employees are friendly and honest. Case in point, I took a package down to the UPS store as I didn't want to drive down further to Staples. The parking at the UPS store was limited and trying to get out of the parking lot was a real task due to traffic. I took the package in and the UPS store wanted $35 postage to return it! I was astonished! I refused their service and drove to Staples. They charged me $10.00 less to mail the package. There was no hem-hawing around and I felt like the UPS store workers were taking me for a ride. So, I won't be going back. Actually the store owner and another clerk was there. Neither one of them were very friendly people. The store owner had another business in town that went belly up. I can see his store going the same route.


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