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So just the stores in New York overcharge? Right! ALL the stores, nationwide, do it to stay open. This is a complete scam and it all starts with this criminal, smug corporation and it's passed off to the customer. If the stores charged the 'correct' price, there wouldn't be any stores left strictly because of corporate greed and this nationwide scam called The UPS Store. UPS lied when they proposed this dog to the original MBE owners by saying they'd be the go-to shipper and the MBE model was 'broken.' Now, it's ten times worse because the stores are compensated a dollar a piece for 80% of the packages that leave the store..prepaid drop-offs. It's a complete scam. And the store owners are ignored when they plead for fairness and profitability and pushed to sell copy services by these crooks. Everyone knows THE UPS STORE is the place to go for copies. What an embarrassment. Why have all the owners either closed, want to close or sell to unsuspecting people? Because they're sick of this scam and being bullied by illegal practices. This scam has been in the courts since day one and the lawsuits keep piling up. The poor franchisees or indentured servants- a term the TUPSS legal team is very aware of, are charged thousands of dollars each year for unnecessary computer equipment and security upgrades, just to help pay TUPSS lawyers to keep this scam going. Hopefully one of these judges will wake up and see the destruction, hate and illegal practices these criminals have caused.


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