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Yes I know, the model has greatly changed and now UPS wants you to succeed as a Print Store.
We all went into this because of the shipping and packaging ,but with 80 percent of your packages being pre-paid you have to go into Print Service to succeed or do Freight.
Utterly amazing how much the business changed the last 5 years or so ,and I went from maybe 20-30 prepaids a day to triple that with 1/3 less shipping.
To make things far worse, UPS continues to make you pay for super high priced Computers and Software almost every 2 years which really drains your profits. Starting last year they introduced a new program where people can now send packages to your store without having a mailbox. This program was the end of it for me and I since sold the business and got out. I had to sell the store for a loss of tens of thousands but i had no choice.
Would I recommend this business ?? NO WAY .. unless you are very good with networking on VERY GOOD with producing Fed-Ex quality prints


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