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1/3 of UPS stores will disappear

I can only guess that 1/3 to 1/2 of all UPS stores will be bankrupt within 5-10 years because the shipping has dried up so much.

The top 1/3 stores will survive because of great locations and because they excel in Print or Freight

Another serious factor is many cities are going to $15 an hour min. wage and this will further kill many stores ( I dont blame some cities for doing so because how can anyone survive on 8 bucks an hour in a high price city).

My store was low end profits but I was able to make only 50,000 a year because I had extremely low overhead or I would have went bankrupt years ago. I also charged more for Mailboxes and packaging to help me survive as other stores also do.

UPS STore was a superb idea back in the 90's and up until around 2010 or so. UPS corporate also targets your best customers with "house accounts" and now they allow people to ship packages to your store without having a mailbox and you only get less than $1.000 lol
You cannot win lol


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