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Franchise Rankings and a Personal History

Nowadays I tend to follow these discussions but rarely post.  This question, however, is interesting despite the anonymity of the author.

Business is rarely easy.  Most business decisions are made with imprecise information.  While history remains the best indicator of the future, similar circumstances can result in different decisions which is why so many tend to believe history is not an indicator of the future.  A good business decision requires that one sift through fact, fiction and hypothesis prior to making a decision.  If the decision is a good one they are successful.  They have a level of business acumen that others do not possess.  In fact, most business ventures are not successful.

Some may say I am no longer in touch with the industry and unqualified for providing advice to current and prospective UPS Store franchises so here are a few facts from my experience.

  • Franchise rankings are frequently a form of marketing and usually should be construed as such.  They offered no influence on my decisions.
  • Opened a Mail Boxes Etc. (subsequently purchased by UPS) in 1998.  It was a great business decision with no regrets.
  • When UPS purchased MBE and rebranded I refused to convert and was part of a lawsuit (2001).  Again, this was a great business decision with no regrets.  Most of my peers who had converted to The UPS Store eventually closed up, went bankrupt or simply disappeared.  A few managed to sell.  Refusing to rebrand was a great business decision with no regrets.  I subsequently received calls from numerous UPS Stores saying they made a mistake by converting to a UPS Store.
  • Sold in 2011.  Another great business decision with no regrets.  Made more than enough money every single year to support a family and buy a house.  Many years the income earned was considered "impossible" by less successful UPS Store owners.

I can provide many reasons for the decisions made in 1998, 2001 and 2011 and specific strategies for remaining highly profitable.  Bottom line is that I made some good business decisions and have no regrets.

Good luck with your business decisions.


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