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Run, Don"t Walk

I also was a MBE franchisee who chose not to convert to UPS and I am still successful on my own. After all the negative on this forum I can't believe you would even remotely consider the possibility of investing in this franchise. Yes there is a chance you could be fortunate and become one of the minority who makes a decent living. The vast majority do not. This business model is slowly on it's way out. Having UPS as your name will not help this. I was lucky that I was able to build my printing business from day one as a Mail Boxes Etc. twenty years ago. It has always and still is over 50% of my business and is much more profitable than shipping. With the UPS Store name that will not happen for you although they will tell you to have to do more printing to make money. The UPS name screams shipping not printing. Believe in the posts that you see here and on other websites.


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