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McDonald's from a Franchisee Perspective

J.M. Owens, a McDonald's franchisee for over 40 years who presently runs eight units, is the new president of the Greater Atlanta McDonald's Operators Association. He recently spoke with BurgerBusiness, giving his view of the golden arches.

Asked what is most important for franchisees, he revealed,

We’re pretty much aligned down here as a co-op so Job #1 is to keep that alignment with the operators and the company. Our co-op last year had a good sales year and we’d like to keep that momentum. Our job is to keep guests coming in the door.

The latest survey of McDonald's franchisees showed widespread grumbling, but Owens says his relationship with corporate is great, and that 98 percent of the francisees he knows likewise have an excellent relationship with the head office.

One of the things that McDonald’s does that’s [different] from some of the other brands is we have a National Leadership Council that is truly that: a leadership group of McDonald’s franchisees. We work hand in glove with our corporate counterparts.

For the many customers who have wanted to order a breakfast item at Mickey D's, but found that it was too late in the day to order, Owens explains why those items are limited to the early part of the day. It's an equipment and capacity issue, he says, which in turn affect quality.

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