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Blue MauMau News Site Attacked, Crashes

The Blue MauMau site, a news service for franchise and small business owners, was maliciously attacked by a disruption in service (DoS) software program. The site went down for several hours Sunday afternoon, January 13. It was discovered that a module had been placed outside its news software platform but inside its server's operating system.

The small software module, which is known among hacker circles, does not hack user information. It doesn't spread to other servers. It doesn't spread a virus to a personal computer. It doesn't plant spam to make money from ad links. Its sole purpose is to explore weaknesses in our news platform so as to significantly slow it, dismantle links to old stories and then finally bring down the site.

Disruption of service attacks are illegal in the United States.

A module had been placed into the server on January 9, the day Blue MauMau published a story ranking submarine sandwich brands by franchised store profits. A first module that created problems was inserted on December 4. In response, we upgraded our hardware.

These malicious programs have been scrubbed. Blue MauMau has beefed up its security system and will be looking at additional security measures in the days to come.

Someone out there really does not want franchise and small business owners to read the news that Blue MauMau reports.

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