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Maccas Sells Milk

McDonalds Australia has installed an Australia Day name change to the locally abbreviated Maccas while one franchisee expands on the menu.

The fast-food giant will change the signage on 13 selected outlets across the country in the lead up to Australia Day.

I'm not really sure who gets impressed but it does make for additional advertising flavor.

It is a good strategy for brands to utilise. Australians love it when brands try to capture the national sentiment and be part of the national conversation. It’s good for global brands to celebrate why they’re part of the Australian identity.  ADnews

And in another break from tradition at least one McDonalds outlet has begun selling groceries.

The moves offers customers the convenience of buying milk without having to leave their cars and one local franchise owner said he planned to also sell bread in a similar fashion in the future. Courier Mail

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