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Domino's Delivers Big on Super Bowl Sunday

Web page of Domino's for ordering pizza

Practice, training and preparation paid off this past Sunday as Domino's Pizza stores in Pittsburgh took on their biggest day of the year, with nearly 45 percent of Super Bowl Sunday orders coming in digital form.

As the San Francisco and Baltimore football teams battled it out on the field on the biggest Sunday of the season, Domino's stores in Pittsburgh hustled to deliver nearly 48,000 pizza slices Sunday.

"Game day Sunday was a big day for us in Pittsburgh," said Ammar Jali, Domino's Pizza franchise owner in Pittsburgh. "There are few occasions better than this one for us to deliver pizza, wings and other Domino's favorites to gatherings across Pittsburgh – and our team was certainly prepared and ready to deliver a great game day meal to all of our customers and fans on Sunday."

Digital ordering played a big role that day. Helped by features such as timed ordering and Domino's Tracker®, nearly 45 percent of the Pittsburgh area Domino's orders came through digitally, either via a computer or a mobile device app.

"Domino's digital ordering options continue to set the bar for convenience and outstanding ordering experience," said Jali. "We're excited to know Pittsburgh customers chose Domino's online ordering to be part of their game day experience."

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