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Larkburger, Snooze, Want Nationwide Growth, No Franchising

Colorado hamburger chain Larkburger has attained great success since it was established six years ago. It plans to follow that up by expanding across the country. Snooze, another six-year-old successful Colorado restaurant chain, also wants to go national. But neither wants to franchise.

“We were never wanting to be a franchise company. You’re either in the family or you’re not,” said Jon Schlegel, founder of Snooze. “We’ve created a company that’s got good culture. We’ve created a new niche in the breakfast world.” [via Ed Sealover, Denver Business Journal]

“As soon as you start franchising, you start to lose control, and it’s a different business model,” said Adam Baker, president of Larkburger Inc. “I want to preserve pride and passion for the guest experience, driven by the execution of our food as well as the hospitality we provide.” [Denver Business Journal]

Snooze is a better breakfast and lunch eatery.

Larkburger bases its restaurant success on its delicious hamburgers. Says Tony Friel, director of culinary operations and development,

“It is most likely the best hamburger that you’ll ever eat.”  [via QSR]

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