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Friel says Larkburger's

Friel says Larkburger's hamburger is tops. Maybe so, but it's hard to believe that it's better than Kua Aina in Haleiwa. Terry Thompson, who founded Kua Aina back in 1975, is discriminating about the meat that goes into his hamburgers and the proof is in the taste: the best. To be fair, Kua Aina does have some extras going for it that are hard to replicate. Haleiwa, a rustic small town on Oahu's north shore, is on the ocean and has an old-time Hawaiian ambience. It is in the midst of one of the most beautiful locations on earth.

After a day of sightseeing, or in my case, swimming, surfing, hiking or visiting friends on the north shore with its gorgeous scenery, patrons have normally worked up a good appetite, always helpful in making food taste better. I usually order my hamburger medium rare with avocado and crispy bacon. It comes with all the trimmings: grilled sliced onion, lettuce, tomato and a toasted bun. Feasting on it with family or good friends for company, in a beautiful location, having had a great day and with dusk coming on, everything comes together to give a feeling of life at its best.

Kua Aina, after many years at its original Haleiwa location, eventually began expanding and now has franchise locations in Japan and the U.K.


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