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Chick-fil-A Spent 7 Years and $50 Million on New Grilled Chicken

Chick-fil-A, the country's largest chicken chain in sales, introduced its new grilled chicken last week Monday after spending $50 million and seven years in research and testing. The company says that the three new items give it one of the most extensive and nutritious menus in quick service restaurants. With consumers concerned about the wholesomeness of what they eat, Chick-fil-A has focused on healthful chicken, but with taste appeal. To get that taste, the company tested over 1,200 recipes and designed a new grill that would cook the chicken to their exacting specifications. The grill is now in all Chick-fil-A restaurants. The grill and the cooking process, the company says, leaves chicken moist on the inside, basted on the outside and with a great taste of sea salt, lemon, garlic and savory herbs.

Read how the company progressed over seven years of painstaking research to get its three new grilled chicken items ready for guests here.

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