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How Restaurant Gratuities Are Changing

With full service restaurants (FSRs) and limited service restaurants (LSRs) undergoing changes, such as FSRs offering express lunch service or LSRs placing runners on their tables, the lines are blurring for consumers in deciding whether or not to tip.

 . . . consumers may not be drawing such a clear line as they once did between full-service restaurants (where tipping is usually expected) and limited-service restaurants (where there is no such expectation).

We asked consumers where they feel they are “supposed to” tip for a dine-in meal. Fully 92% said one should tip at a traditional casual-dining restaurant; almost as many identified upscale casual-dining restaurants and family-style eateries as places where tips are expected.  . . . The proportion of consumers saying that diners should tip at cafeterias and buffets is also up slightly from three years ago (29% vs. 27% in 2011) but the number identifying fast-casual or higher-end fast-food restaurants as tipworthy remains the same (23%).—Nation's Restaurant News

What about the tip jar at LSRs? Good idea or turnoff? Some customers find them irritating, but nearly half say they're somewhat or very likely to leave a tip in them.

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