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Jared Fogle Defeats Michelle Obama

A Colorado school district has forfeited $150,000 per year in federal aid because the students demanded Subway sandwiches.

Douglas County school district parents broke 2:1 for Mitt Romney, and Michelle Obama has not had much success winning over their children, either.

The First Lady's campaign on behalf of healthy eating includes support of new federal school lunch standards mandates a sharp reduction in calories (750-850) and sodium. Students nationwide have risen in protest, prompting Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to comment that he always fed his kids snacks when they got home from school and that he encouraged parents to pack snacks for students to eat during the school day.

A Kansas student video parody "We Are Hungry" has over a million hits, and students are fleeing off-campus to eat lunch.

The Colorado students have a Subway franchise in the cafeteria, which would have had to be shut to comply with the federal rules. So the administration gave a thumbs-up to Subway and dropped out of the federal program.

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