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Dwyer Buys Service Brands

Molly Maid
MollyMaid bought by Dwyer. Photo by Tommaync

WACO, Texas—Dwyer Group Inc. announced Monday that it has acquired Service Brands International for an undisclosed amount. With the acquisition, Dwyer Group, franchisor of eleven trade service chains, adds three more.

Founded by David McKinnon, Service Brands International has grown across the U.S. and Canada to include 244 Molly Maid franchisees, 118 Mr. Handyman franchisees and 55 ProTect Painters franchisees. These franchised brands now belong to Dwyer, which in turn is a company of private equity firm The Riverside Company.

"David has been an incredible pioneer for franchising and for the service trades," said Dina Dwyer-Owens, co-chair of Dwyer Group. "We've watched his brands grow, admired the integrity of the organization and considered each of the networks a complementary fit for Dwyer Group."

Service Brand's founder McKinnon will become an equity holder in Dwyer and a senior advisor to Dwyer Group's board of directors. The senior leadership of the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Service Brands will transition over to the Waco, Texas-based Dwyer Group. However, an office will remain in Ann Arbor.

Blue MauMau asked Dwyer Group's president and chief executive officer Mike Bidwell what benefits from the buyout he foresaw specifically for the franchise owners under his brands. "Dwyer Group sees a tremendous upside from this acquisition," Bidwell answered. "The benefits begin with the same end-user customer that all of the brands serve. The cross-marketing of our brands, as they grow, continue to deliver more services to those who need and want the very best. That is why Dwyer Group has built an incredible track record for acquiring complementary businesses that work well together. We acquire, we support and we grow every brand on our roster to be a leader for the industry. Likewise, the collective buying power across our brands with our preferred vendors remains a huge advantage."

Bidwell was also asked what franchisees under Service Brands should do in light of the acquisition and the transition of their franchisor's management from Ann Arbor to Waco-based Dwyer Group. "It is business as usual across the Molly Maid, Mr. Handyman and ProTect Painters franchise networks," replied Dwyer's chief executive to Blue MauMau. "They will continue to do what they do best at the grassroots level with the same brand leaders in place to shepherd the big picture. Meanwhile, they will enjoy unprecedented support from a larger parent organization and more peer-to-peer access unlike any other multi-concept franchise organization in the business."

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