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Cookies for Insomniacs, Delivered

Recently on some screen or another, I fleetingly read that the smart phone is the greatest tool ever invented for getting people to spend money. I cannot argue with that, especially when I am opening packages of books and CDs (I still do that…so sue me) that I ordered after reading the reviews early Saturday morning.

And now this comes to me from a colleague: Insomnia Cookies…cookies baked to order and delivered all night long (ok, ’til 3 a.m.).

My personal Millennial focus group waxes very enthusiastically about this cookie delivery service based on experiences from their college days (or later, if they live near a campus).

It seemed far-fetched to me.  Who would have cookies delivered?  Sure it sounds good…but during the middle of the night? But NPD’s ongoing US foodservice market research shows that not only is 6 percent of restaurant traffic from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. but 10 percent of cookie servings are ordered during this timeframe. That’s an index of…wait for it…carry the one…167, which is enough for me to say it indexes high.  And cookies are just as likely as any food to be delivered during the night, although the incidence of delivered cookies is highest at 4 p.m. (followed by noon, which I think is a completely different kind of service).

And there’s an app for ordering Insomnia Cookies. Once registered, all you need to do is tell it to bring cookies.  If you’ve ever looked at your phone and wondered what other wonders it could do for you, you now know that it can bring you cookies in the middle of the night.  If this is what’s available to us today, just imagine how great the future will be!

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