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Starting My Small Business Makes Me Wish I Hadn’t

Nichola Russell, a South Carolinian who recently started a small online business that she thought would be doing great if it grossed $12,000 a year, found grief right from the start in government paperwork, rules, regulations, fees and taxes.

If you want to open a typical online business – let’s say, monogramming things for friends and family and selling items online – be prepared [to] get a crash course in taxes, zoning regulations.

Recently I tried to do just this. The paperwork has been a nightmare. At times, I wished I had decided to do it all under the table. But I decided I’d rather suffer the pain of doing this on the front end than worry about a letter from the Department of Revenue or the Internal Revenue Service asking about unpaid taxes.

Below is the process to start a business that – being highly optimistic – might gross $12,000 a year. Bear in mind, this is not a venture that’s going to have a physical storefront, serve food, or employ anyone other than me. — Nichola Russell, The Nerve

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