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A Thanksgiving Message for Business Owners

What do pilgrims have to do with entrepreneurs, muses business owner "Brad." Taking a few liberties with history on Thanksgiving Day, he offers his thoughts of thanks, tying that first thanksgiving in 1621 to today's small business owners.

For the “pilgrims” that we are thinking about this time of year, the “Old World” was home. They were comfortable and safe there; until the persecution started. Able to tolerate only so much, a group of them finally agreed that a trip to the “New World” would be the key to living life “their way.”

The trip to the “New World” was arduous, and when they arrived, things went from bad to worse. Their provisions were running low and many of their company got sick and died! Provisions were so scarce in the middle of that first winter that the daily ration (for the healthy among them) was only 5 kernels of corn.

But Spring did come, and the natives in the land turned out to be friendly — teaching the Pilgrims many things that they needed to know in order to survive in this New World. That’s when their luck turned. In fact, that fall their harvest was so grand, such a stark contrast from the measley 5 kernel ration of the year before, that they threw a feast to celebrate the ways that God had provided for them. They had gone from subsistence levels of food to abundance — in just one year! — Brad, EnMast

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