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Business Owners Can Suffer Tech Overload

Technology is a boon to business owners, but the time spent on such tech pursuits as email, texting and social media can easily balloon out of control to the detriment of business if the owner doesn’t exercise some strong self-discipline. Becky Davis is a prototypical illustration of this:

Three years into being a business owner, Becky Davis knew she needed to break the hold technology had on her.

Davis, a marketing and management consultant to other small-business owners, was so immersed in emails, texts and social media that she was getting only four or five hours of sleep a night and her husband said he felt invisible. It also hurt her productivity — she’d get distracted reading people’s posts and realize she’d lost two hours of work time.

“If you don’t set some rules, guidelines and put some technology boundaries in place on using your phone, tablet or computer, they will run your life and can very well ruin your life,” says Davis, who’s based in Douglasville, Georgia. — Joyce M. Rosenberg, The Big Story AP

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