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Large Burger King Franchisee Buys 194 More Locations

GPS Hospitality just made a huge acquisition that nearly doubles its size, to 424 restaurants.

The Atlanta-based company, operated by former Arby’s CEO Tom Garrett, bought 194 locations from SRAC Holdings, effectively doubling its Burger King holdings and making it among the chain’s largest operators.

…“We’re certainly excited about what’s going on with Burger King right now,” said Tom Garrett, who formed the company in 2012 and has quickly become one of the largest franchisees in the country. “Burger King has a very loyal following, and they come back.” — Jonathan Maze, Nation's Restaurant News

To go from 0 to 424 Burger King restaurants in four short years is striking. What's the story behind that growth?

…“Our model works extremely well,” he [Garrett] said. “You’re taking an old, tired brand that has 100 percent awareness and you reinvigorate it with people with a growth-minded attitude and you remodel restaurants and get systems in place.” 

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