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McDonald's Delivery Experience Will Deliver Incremental Success

Most have read by now that next month McDonald’s will begin testing food delivery at 200 Florida restaurants, according to the Chicago Tribune. In 2016 McDonald's will have recorded $1 billion in global delivery sales. Foodservice Solutions has been tracking and documenting McDonald's growth in delivery for many years.

McDonald's ability to take its time in testing systems, food, and service in order to understand the benefits, complications, and outcomes that will drive continued unit level success is simply the key driver of their continued sector leadership.

Today breakfast, lunch, or dinner from McDonald’s can be delivered to the office, work place or home in some markets through third-party deliverers such as DoorDash or Postmates. The new U.S. delivery test will be offered in the Miami, Orlando and Tampa areas via UberEats’ app-based service.

Success leaves clues. With $1 Billion in global sales, the delivery partnership might become more important to UberEats than McDonald’s. Delivery is an option for fast food retailers, not a necessity. Business workplaces are looking for affordable options to the pizza and daypart menu diversity.  That is something McDonald’s can do very well.

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