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20 Budget-Friendly Tools to Strengthen Security at Your Small Business

Securing one's place of business is a major concern of any business owner, whether the threat is from a burglar or a hacker. Here are some of the latest digital tools that make it easier, less expensive and more secure than you may have thought to protect your business. Covered are smart-lock systems, equipment securing technologies, password management, secured collaboration and vehicle fleet management.

Hereʻs how the writer says digital collaboration has changed:

Online collaboration tools have proven to be efficient tools that bring teams together to achieve common goals. Initial entrants in this industry were more focused on productivity while security took second place in terms of priority.

Many teams learned the hard way that their projects were exposed to competition as well as information pirates. The second generation of collaboration systems places a priority on security while maintaining ease of use and productivity for their participants. — Michael Guta, Small Business Trends

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