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Restaurateurs Should Prepare for Stepped-Up Immigration Enforcement

President Trump said again in his speech to Congress last night that his administration respects and enforces immigration laws. This makes many restaurant owners, franchisees and otherwise, nervous. Should they be?

The Department of Homeland Security on Feb 21 issued orders outlining President Trump’s plan for immigration enforcement, instructing agents to identify, detain and quickly deport all undocumented immigrants they encounter, including those that have not been convicted of a crime.

The policy is making many in the restaurant industry nervous. And attorneys say they have good reason to be worried.

…The restaurant industry “has always been highly scrutinized when it comes to immigration compliance, and we’re expecting that to increase in the Trump administration,” said [immigration attorney Jessica] Cook. Trump “wants to protect U.S. worker jobs and is serious about deporting certain people from the U.S., and I think the restaurant industry is vulnerable to that.” — Lisa Jennings, Restaurant Hospitality

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